concept lattices and applications, cla 2012


CLA is an international conference dedicated to Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) and areas closely related to FCA such as data mining, information retrieval, knowledge management, data and knowledge engineering, logic, algebra and lattice theory.  CLA provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and students. The program of CLA consists of invited plenary talks, regular talks, and poster sessions. We solicit papers in all areas relevant to the theory and applications of FCA.

Those areas include but are not restricted to:


Aims and scope

Aerial view of the venue, Sohail Castle, and a typical view of “espetos”.


The conference will take place at the Beatriz Palace Hotel & Spa, which is located in Fuengirola, beside Sohail Castle, at about 25 km from Málaga International Airport.

On the venue

local Organizing committee

  1. Foundations

  2. Concept lattices and related structures

  3. Attribute implications and data dependencies

  4. Data preprocessing

  5. Redundancy and dimensionality reduction

  6. Association rules and data dependencies

  7. Information retrieval

  1. Algorithms

  2. Visualization

  3. Classification

  4. Clustering

  5. Ontologies

  6. Applications

The 9th International Conference         October 11-14, 2012. Fuengirola (Málaga), Spain

The conference is over. Thanks for your participation !!

The CEUR proceedings of CLA  are available from